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Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

Welcome to the Realm of ReaLizms!

  Yes a play on the spelling of a favorite drawing style known as Realism's.  The style of art that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see.  Basically the unblemished depiction of nature or contemporary life.  ReaLizms, however, depicts the unblemished true to life passion of my artistic abilities.  My creations exude the sincerity of my imagination; which to some would be a complete contradiction to the real definition.   So I say, "what is Art without Life; it is Life without imagination!" ~unknown. ReaLizms specializes in original hand drawn & computer graphic Logo Designs, Computer Graphics, Web Design, Acrylic Paintings, Painted Glassware, Hand-crafted key chains, All Occasions Original Greeting Cards, Calendars  and much, much more.

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